Elite Football Tutors (EFT) is founded on the principle that elite athletes fundamentally want to improve and realize their full potential. The biggest hurdle in the way of athletes improving is the scarcity of quality instruction both in season and especially out of season. EFT has partnered with the very best football coaches that are specialists in their perspective fields. They truly are the best tutors around, all have had experience in the college or professional ranks. THIS IS WHAT SETS EFT APART, YOU ONLY WILL BE INSTRUCTED BY THE VERY BEST COACHES! 

Who would benefit from EFT’s? The answer is the elite athlete that wants to get better. Whether you are a lineman that wants to improve his pass pro or a quarterback that is looking to work on his mechanics EFT has the coach for you. Many of our clients are potential college prospects and as the recruiting process becomes more and more competitive your performance becomes more and more important. Nothing can be more devastating to an athletes recruiting process than a poor performance in front of a perspective college coach. Many people spend a lot of time, effort and money to get in front of a college coach, but are you ready to impress him when you get in front of him? EFT will make sure you are ready to put your absolute best foot forward and impress a college coach. You need to be able to get in a great stance, you need to show that you have mastered basic fundamentals, you need to be familiar with drills coaches will put you through, and you need to PERFORM AT THE ABSOLUTE HIGHEST LEVEL POSSIBLE. You will only get one shot to impress that coach so you better be absolutely ready!